• Single Interface
  • Multiple Channels
  • Flexible Communication
  • Fall back options
  • MasterCard Securepay
  • Verified by Visa
    Do you accept cards or have your own card program? it may be easier than you think!
    Variety We have a variety of gateways which can be accessed through a central host with a single interface. Gateways are also available individually as single modules.
    Amongst others these include: Vital Retail, Vital eCommerce, Iveri, Cardinal, Paypal, Vital, Intershipper, Planet Payment, HSBC and more.
    Redundancy We have a variety of servers providing for fall back options whenever the inevitable may occur.
    Communication All our modules are capable of interfacing through Dial Up, IP, X25, GPRS & CDMA
    Any Card Any Time Credit Cards  Debit Cards  Prepaid Debit/Credit Cards  Loyalty Cards  Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)  Prepaid ATM Cards  Gift Cards  Private Label Cards  Charge Cards